[Coral-List] Galaxea, JCRS, vol. 5 published

Hiroya Yamano hyamano at nies.go.jp
Thu Nov 27 20:11:52 EST 2003

Dear coral-listers

We are pleased to inform you that Volume 5 of Galaxea, Journal of the 
Japanese Coral Reef Society, was published. You can see the table of 
contents and abstracts by clicking "Publications" on our web page, 
http://wwwsoc.nii.ac.jp/jcrs/english/index.html, though some of the pages 
are still under construction.

Galaxea, JCRS, welcomes your contribution. People who would have an 
interest on the contribution, please read through the "Instructions for 
Authors", and send the manuscript to Editor-in-Chief, Michio Hidaka at the 
Department of Chemistry, Biology and Marine Science, University of the 
Ryukyus, Nishihara, Okinawa 903-0213, Japan. Submissions from non-members 
of JCRS are also welcome.

If you would like to receive Galaxea, JCRS, regularly, you could please 
subscribe to JCRS (please visit "Membership" page). We would be very 
pleased if you could consider our journal as one of the publication medium.

Sincerely yours

Michio Hidaka
Editor-in-Chief, Galaxea, JCRS

Hiroya Yamano
Editorial staff, Galaxea, JCRS

---Table of contents, Galaxea, JCRS, vol. 5---

Yamano, H., Tamura, M., Kunii, Y., and Hidaka, M.
Spectral reflectance as a potential tool for detecting stressed corals
Galaxea, JCRS (2003) 5: 1-10.

Ikeda, Y., Fukami, K., Beatriz, C., and Suzuki, Y.
Refractory and labile organic carbon in coral reef seawater
Galaxea, JCRS (2003) 5: 11-20.

Ono, S., Reimer, J.D., and Tsukahara, J.
Long-term changes of Zoanthus spp. in the infra-littoral zone at Taisho 
Lava Field, Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan
Galaxea, JCRS (2003) 5: 21-32.

Mise, T. and Hidaka, M.
Degradation of zooxanthellae in the coral Acropora nasuta during bleaching
Galaxea, JCRS (2003) 5: 33-40.

Nawata, H.
Coral reef and mangrove landscapes for pastoralists of the arid tropics: 
case analysis of place names on Sudanese Red Sea coast (in Japanese with 
English abstract)
Galaxea, JCRS (2003) 5: 41-62.

Licuanan, W.Y. and Capili, E.B.
Range extension of Japanese Scleractinia to the Philippines
Galaxea, JCRS (2003) 5: 63-68.

Kakuma, S.
Coral reef fisheries co-management in tropic and sub-tropic regions
Galaxea, JCRS (2003) 5: 69-80.

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