[Coral-List] about siltation on coral reefs

Marcos A M Pereira marcospereira at gmx.net
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For some southern/eastern Africa sedimentation rates and its effects on
corals you may refer to:

McClanahan TR & D Obura (1997). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and
Ecology, 209: 103-122
Pereira, MAM & PMB Golcalves (in press). African Journal of Aquatic Science.
Riegl, B. (1995). Marine Biology, 121: 517-526.
Riegl B. et al. (1995). Bulletin of Marine Science, 56: 676-691.
Schleyer MH & L Celliers (2003). Marine & Freshwater Research, 54: 967-972

hope it helps

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Dear Co-listers,

Although some of you know me, I am a new member of the coral list.

I am looking for values of sedimentation rates and its effects on coral
reefs. If any of you could help me I will be very grateful.

Thank you very much in advance,


M. Cs. Beatriz Martínez-Daranas
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