[Coral-List] about siltation on coral reefs

shashank Keshavmurthy iamshanky15 at yahoo.com
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Thought this could help...
There are couple of papers on sedimentation
effects on the reefs in Japan......

West and Van Woesik (2001)Mar Poll Bull 42:
Spatial and Temporal variance of river discharge
on Okinawa (Japan): Inferring the temporal impact
on the adjacent coral reefs.

Yamano, H., Kayanne, H., Matsuda, F., and Tsuji,
Y. (2002) Lagoonal facies, ages, and
sedimentation in three atolls in the Pacific.
Marine Geology, 185, 233-247.

Komatsu, T. and Yamano, H. (2000) Influence of
seagrass vegetation on bottom topography and
sediment distribution on a small spatial scale in
the Dravuni Island Lagoon, Fiji. Biologia Marina
Mediterranea, 7, 243-246. 

If you need some more papers, I can send pdf


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