[Coral-List] last year's coral / reef papers in marine Pollution Bulletin

Charles Sheppard Charles.Sheppard at warwick.ac.uk
Wed Feb 4 10:24:02 EST 2004

As done a year ago, here is another year’s worth of coral / reef papers and correspondence items in Marine Pollution Bulletin.  

Please ask AUTHORS for offprints if possible (not myself).  ScienceDirect has all of these online as pdf files too, both those published last year and those still queued in press (abstracts free on ScienceDirect but full articles for subscribers only).  I can help with directing requests to the right place if necessary.

(I would mention, for the ears of any other journal editors reading this, that I know last year’s listing went down well in some areas where literature is harder to locate than some of us might expect, so your lists would probably be appreciated too...  )

Cervino, J.M., Hayes, R.L., Honovich, M., Goreau, T.J., Jones, S., Rubec, P.J. 2003.  Changes in Zooxanthellae density, Morphology, and mitotic index in Hermatypic corals and anemones exposed to cyanide.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 573-586.

Cornish, A.S., DiDonato, E.M. 2004.  Resurvey of a reef flat in American Samoa after 85 years reveals devastation to a soft coral (Alcyonacea) community . Mar. Pollut. Bull. In Press.

David, C.P.  2003.  Heavy metal concentrations in growth bands of corals: A record of mine tailings input through time (Marinduque Island, Phillippines).  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 187-196.

Douglas, A.E. 2003.  Coral Bleaching – How and Why?  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 385-392.

Edgar, G.J., Kerrison, L., Shepherd, S.A. Toral-Granda, M.  2003.  Impacts of the Jessica oil spill on intertidal and shallow subtidal plants and animals.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 47: 276-283.

Edgar, G.J. Marshall, P.A., Mooney, P.  2003.  The effect of the Jessica grounding n Galapagos reef fish communities adjacent to the wreck site.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 47:296-302.

Fox, H.E., Pet, J.S., Dahuri, R., Caldwell, R.L. 2003.  Recovery in Rubble Fields: Long term Impacts of Blast Fishing.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 1024-1031.

Lam, K.K.Y. 2003   Coral recruitment onto an experimental pulverised fuel ash-concrete artificial reef . Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 642-653.

Lapointe, B.E. 2004.  Phosphorus-Rich waters at Glovers Reef, Belize?  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 48: 193-195.

McClanahan, T.R., Baird, A.H., Marshall, P.A., Toscano, M.A. 2004. Comparing bleaching and mortality responses of hard corals between southern Kenya and the Great barrier Reef, Australia.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. In Press.

McClanahan, T.R., Sala, E., Mumby, P.J., Jones, S. 2004.  Phosphorus and nitrogen enrichment do not enhance brown frondose “macroalgae.” Mar. Pollut. Bull. 48: 196-199.

Morton, B. 2003. ‘Ningaloo’. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 1213-1214.

Mumby, P., Skirving, W., Strong, A.E., Hardy, J.T., LeDrew, E.F., Hochberg, E.J., Stumpf, R.P., David, L.T.  2004.  Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs and their Physical Environment.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. In Press.

Nugues, M.M., Roberts, C.M. 2003.  Partial mortality in massive reef corals as an indicator of sediment stress on coral reefs . Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 314-323.

Ramos, A.A., Inoue, Y., Ohde, S. 2004.  Metal contents in Porites corals: Anthropogenic input of river run-off into a coral reef from an urbanized area, Okinawa . Mar. Pollut. Bull. In Press.

Reichelt-Brushett, A.J., McOrist, G. 2003.  Trace metals in the living and nonliving components of scleractinian corals . Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 1573-1582.

Rinkevich, B., Bongiorni, L., Shafir, S. 2003.  Effects of particulate matter released by a fish farm (Eilat, Red Sea) on survival and growth of Stylophora pistillata coral nubbins.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 1120-1124.

Roberts, J.M., Long, D., Wilson, J.B., Mortensen, P.B., Gage, J.D. 2003.  The cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa (Scleractinia) and enigmatic seabed mounds along the north-east Atlantic margin: are they related?  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 7-20.

Thomas, S., Ridd, P.V., Day, G. 2003.  Turbidity regimes over fringing coral reefs mear a mining site at Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 1006-1014.

Wielgus, J., Nanette, E. Chadwick-Furman, , Dubinsky, Z. 2004.  Coral cover and partial mortality on anthropogenically impacted coral reefs at Eilat, northern Red Sea . Mar. Pollut. Bull. In Press.

Yamamuro, M., Kayanne, H., Yamano, H.  2003.  ?15N of Seagrass Leaves for Monitoring Anthropogenic Nutrient Increases in Coral Reef Ecosystems.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 452-458.

Yap, H.T. 2003.  Coral reef “restoration” and coral transplatation. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 529.

Yap, H.T., Alavarez-Molina, R. 2003.  Comparison of coral growth and survival under enclosed, semi-natural conditions and in the field . Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: 858-864.

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