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Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert fpl at reefkeepers.net
Wed Feb 4 14:59:24 EST 2004

(Sorry for these several postings... looks like the reply email address was wrong...)

Dear Listers, 

After my first Call for Talks about one month ago, we had many interesting subjects suggested, and I would like to thank every one for that.

We selected some of the suggested topics in other to fit best with the International Coral Reef Conferences of Paris (CIRCoP), organized to increase general public (Divers, Reef Aquarists, sea lovers,...) knowledge about coral reefs.

However, we are still looking for about 4/6 talks to fill in our program. 

Here are the ones we confirmed yet : 

Coral Reef Conservation (4 talks) : 
01- Paul Holthus - President of the Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) - USA - Healthy Reef, Healthy Hobby, a Symbiotic relashionship
02- Gregor Hogdson -  President of Reef Check - USA - People Power to Save Reefs
03- Carlo Nike BIANCHI - Genova - Italy - Maldives current status after the 1998 Bleaching Event
04- ? Still to select

About Coral
05- Buki Rinkevich - Isreal - Fights below the waves (fights between coral that shape the reefs)
06- Julian Sprung - USA - subject under discussion
- ? Still to select

Fish, Invertabrates, behaviors, etc...
07- Serge Planes - CNRS, France - subject under discussion
08- Charles Mazel - USA - Fluorescence on the Reef
09- Gary Ostrander - USA - The Significance of Color in Coral Reef Fishes
10- Roy Caldwell - USA - Mantis shrimp: Still the Fastest Claw in the West
11- Mary Wicksten - USA - Cleaning Behavior
12- Mary Wicksten - USA - Camouflage in the Sea
- ? Still to select

Please suggest your talk if it fits in the list. 
Any French speaking  / or European specialist ? ;-))

For more information about conditions, please read this page : http://www.circop.com/CIRCoP2005/US/LecturerConditions.html
For more information about the event, check the website : www.circop.com

Best Regards
Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert
www.reefkeepers.net - President

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