[Coral-List] Invitation to 10ICRS Scientific Excursion A1

Hiroya Yamano hyamano at nies.go.jp
Mon Feb 9 20:18:46 EST 2004

Dear coral-listers,

Invitation to 10ICRS Scientific Excursion A1 "High-latitude coral reefs and 
coral communities"

We still have places for participants. Potential participants may refer to 
the 10ICRS web page (http://www.plando.co.jp/icrs2004) and download the 
brief itinerary from "Scientific Excursion." Please note that the deadline 
for registration is 29 February. If you would have queries and questions 
(and requests), please feel free to contact me (Hiroya Yamano, 
hyamano at nies.go.jp).

The purpose of this excursion is to examine marginal coral environments in 
the northwestern Pacific both in ecological and geomorphological 
viewpoints. The coral reefs of Japan bridge over six degrees latitude, 
presenting a fascinating glimpse of transformation at all levels, from 
water temperature gradients to biodiversity. The present excursion areas, 
Iki and Amakusa Islands, are situated near the northernmost limit of coral 
distribution. There, significant difference in water temperature and coral 
communities, in comparison with those in more tropical areas, is observed. 
Although situated in a low-temperature condition, luxuriant coral 
communities occur in both islands, and the world's highest-latitude 
coral-reef formation is found in Iki Island. In addition, there is a 
significant difference in coral communities between Iki and Amakusa; 
faviid-dominated community in Iki vs. acroporid-dominated community in 
Amakusa. We would be very pleased to show these features and have a 
fruitful discussion with the participants.

Best wishes,

Hiroya Yamano and Satoshi Nojima

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