[Coral-List] Artificial reef construction using mineral accretion

underwater Hedgehog hgoudge at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 26 09:32:51 EST 2004

I am interested in the use of mineral accretion for
creating fast growing artificial reefs for:
1.	As a means of redirecting tourist activities from
damaged reef areas to artificial structures.
2.	To restore damaged reef habitats.
3.	To protect fragile coastal habitats such as
mangroves and sea grass beds.

I am asking if anyone has looked at the structure of
coral skeletons grown on artificial reefs using
electricity to accrete minerals thereby cementing
coral colonies to the substrate.  

Any information will be appreciated.

Please send to:
hgoudge at yahoo.co.uk

Harry Goudge
School of Ocean Sciences
University of Wales Bangor
United Kingdom

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