[Coral-List] Artificial reef construction using mineral accretion

Dr. Peter van Treeck van_treeck at uni-essen.de
Fri Feb 27 06:30:16 EST 2004

Hi Harry, hi listers
I guess you came across our studies with electrochemical accretion 
already so it is obvious that I like the electrochemical approach for 
ecological reasons.  
However, in contrast to some colleagues, I don't believe in the "one and 
only" solution to all reef rehab problems. Neither ERCON nor other 
approaches can do.
Anyhow, without having more details on your sites I am convinced that 
some objectives could be perfectly performed by using  electrochemical 
accretion such as forming new stepping stone habitats  to support 
natural recovery and applications with priority on coral 
transplantation.  For other applications it might be completely unsuitable.
For the redirection of tourist  activities we published  several  papers 
featuring  the SCORE  concept as a clear commitment to a united 
perspective of development AND nature conservation needs (Including 
some, but not all, parts to be done by ERCON).
In case you would like to have a paper (pdf-file only), drop me a line,
Cheers , Peter

underwater Hedgehog schrieb:

>I am interested in the use of mineral accretion for
>creating fast growing artificial reefs for:
>1.	As a means of redirecting tourist activities from
>damaged reef areas to artificial structures.
>2.	To restore damaged reef habitats.
>3.	To protect fragile coastal habitats such as
>mangroves and sea grass beds.
>I am asking if anyone has looked at the structure of
>coral skeletons grown on artificial reefs using
>electricity to accrete minerals thereby cementing
>coral colonies to the substrate.  
>Any information will be appreciated.
>Please send to:
>hgoudge at yahoo.co.uk
>Harry Goudge
>School of Ocean Sciences
>University of Wales Bangor
>United Kingdom
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