[Coral-List] Shifting Baselines

steven miller smiller at gate.net
Sat Feb 28 16:44:07 EST 2004


   I  am sending this in case you haven't seen the new Shifting Baselines
   (SB)  website  ([1]www.shiftingbaselines.org).   SB  is an environment
   campaign  that addresses ocean decline.  There are visually compelling
   special  effects shots on the website front page that highlight change
   in Caribbean reefs and California kelp forests between 1960 and Today.

   The  SB  campaign is starting to attract attention, even raising a few
   eyebrows that need to be raised. A few jaws have dropped too!

   Scientists  and  Hollywood  joined  forces  to produce an entertaining
   public  service  announcement  (PSA)  and some really good educational
   materials  about the condition of our oceans. The website includes the
   PSA  and a slide show called "Pristine." You can also check out videos
   of  the  "Round Table Discussion" and "The Rotten Jellyfish Awards." A
   comedy contest ran last year that has some good laughs too, addressing
   the topic of lowered standards.  SB has products that are both serious
   and  funny  -  trying  to  lighten  things up a bit on topics that are
   typically presented in deadly serious formats.

   I  know  most  of  you  are  already  committed  to academic and other
   pursuits  related  to coral reefs.  I know you care because you are on
   this  list-server.   Shifting  Baselines,  however, is about trying to
   motivate the public to take interest in ocean issues.  I'm sure you've
   been  asked  by friends, "What can I do to make a difference?"  The SB
   campaign  addresses  this  issue  in  some  ways general ways.  We ask
   people  to  order a free Shifting Baselines Action Kit, learn all they
   can   about  ocean  decline,  tell  their  friends,  and  support  the
   environmental  groups  that  have  added  their  names to the Shifting
   Baselines  campaign.  We  also emphasize that the problems are big and
   they won't be solved overnight, but not all is lost.

   What are Shifting Baselines? Check it out! I'm sure you will find them
   in your life too.

   Best  regards  (and  apologies for a somewhat untraditional posting to
   this group).

   Steven Miller

   PS:   Please  don't hesitate to let me know what you think of SB, both
   the   good  stuff  and  criticisms.   We  are  interested  in  finding
   innovative ways to communicate important issues about ocean decline to
   the  public.   We think entertainment needs to be part of package, but
   based on science.  Please reply to [2]millers at uncw.edu.  Thank you.


   1. http://www.shiftingbaselines.org/
   2. mailto:millers at uncw.edu

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