[Coral-List] Addendum for Hawaii

Charles Birkeland charlesb at hawaii.edu
Sun May 2 11:09:47 EDT 2004


This is an addendum to the previous message. Although a legislative 
bill to promote community-based management in Hawaii was shelved 
recently by the government without explanation, there is an 
undercurrent of pride of the Hawaiians for their traditional 
management. In the Proceedings of the 9th International Coral Reef 
Symposium, Bali, Friedlander et al. describe the community-based 
traditional management system in an isolated place on Moloka’i. The 
marine resources there are managed by the local community so well that 
the stocks exploited for subsistence are not significantly different 
in size from the stocks in no-take reserves. Also, the island of 
Kahoolawe was used by the military for bombing practice for decades. 
When it recently was returned to Hawaii, the state government 
established that it be used only by native Hawaiians and the marine 
resources could be used only for traditional purposes such as 


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