[Coral-List] remote sensing of coral spawning events

efranklin at rsmas.miami.edu efranklin at rsmas.miami.edu
Mon May 3 15:05:53 EDT 2004


Does coral spat possess any unique spectral properties that would allow
quantification of spawning events with remote sensing technology? The
recent informative review of Mumby and others (2004) highlighted current
coral reef applications of remote sensing technologies that focused on the
delineation of structure, habitat composition, and periodic disturbances
such as coral bleaching events. In addition, the article described
environmental properties of reefs measured using remote sensing including
algal blooms and Chl-a. These two piqued my curiosity and I wondered if
slicks of coral spat would also be trackable over a large spatial scale
(ecologist's scale, not a geographer's) to identify broad "source-sink"
dynamics for a reef system or regional basin.

Since there truly is nothing new under the sun, I figured someone might
have already given this idea some effort. I would be thankful for a
forward of any literature cite or website in regards to this inquiry. Will

Erik Franklin

Mumby PJ, Skirving W, Strong AE, Hardy JT, LeDrew EF, Hochberg EJ, Stumpf
RP, David LT. 2004. Remote sensing of coral reefs and their physical
environment. Mar Pol Bull 48:219-228.

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