[Coral-List] Nudibranch infestation of Pavona cactus

MJ Adams divepng at yahoo.com
Tue May 4 12:36:39 EDT 2004

     Sadly the seaslugforum is no longer active and the search engine
doesn't works.  However, I was able to find some information on
nudibranchs that prey on coral by searching under "general topics." 
There are four pages about opisthobranchs that feed on corals:
     These will lead you images of nudibranchs that prey on Porites and
Tubastria spp.   I talked to Angel Valdes, the nudibranch curator at
the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, where I am a research
associate.  He is not aware of any nudibranch that preys on Pavona
cactus.  Angel offered to ID (or describe if new) this nudibranch if
you send him specimens.

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