[Coral-List] Hoping to find Antonius (1973) work

Justin ozzo at UDel.Edu
Tue May 4 14:40:20 EDT 2004

Hello all,
    I'm working on a microbial ecology paper dealing with the microbial consortium that is Black Band Disease in stony corals.  In almost every paper I've come across from Richarson to Rutzler and Santavy to Garrett and Ducklow, Arnfried Antonius is cited as having made the first discovery of the disease  and publishing only an abstract in 1973.  Is there anyone who might be able to direct me to a website with this work, or know of a way to get a copy of this work?  I've nearly exhausted my search for this piece and this is my last effort.  Thanks so much!

Antonius, A., New Observations on Coral Destruction in Reefs, Tenth Meeting, Assoc. Island Mar. Lab. Caribb., University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez. Abs, p. 3 (1973). 

Justin Ossolinski  
University of Delaware
Graduate College of Marine Studies

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