[Coral-List] Deepsea corals on coral-list - a suggestion.

Ron Huber coastwatch at acadia.net
Thu May 6 09:06:19 EDT 2004

Dear coral-friends

I am very impressed and encouraged by the ongoing discussions and updates on
Coral-List.  I have, however,  a suggestion that I hope coral-isters might
hearken to:

My  professional coral focus is on deep sea corals, (particularly of the NW
Atlantic, but elsewhere as well.) While posts concerning them on C-L are
infrequent, they do occur, and I'd rather not miss any. 

If coral listers with a deep sea coral-related posting would kindly prefix
their message's subject  with the word "deepsea" or "deep"  or even "DS" ,
it would be far easier to identify them in the ongoing flow of coral-list
traffic, I think.

Best wishes,
Ron Huber

ps: here are some NW Atlantic  deepsea coral galleries, both of specimens
brought to the surface by the Canadian mobile gear groundfishery incidental
to their operations and from ROV photos and videos:

Ron Huber, Director
Task Force Atlantis
418 Main Street
Rockland, ME 04841
(207) 594-5717 
coastwatch at acadia.net

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