[Coral-List] Re: marine epoxy for nubbins

Annika Noreen anoreen at ScrippsCollege.edu
Wed May 12 14:37:36 EDT 2004

Laura - I also did a field experiment involving nubbins, and have some
advice.  First, using large bottle-caps (eg Schott bottle caps) to put
the nubbins in is useful.  Put some putty into the base, and then secure
the nubbin upright.  Use large amounts of underwater marine epoxy to
surround the base of the upright nubbin and seal off the edges of the
cap.  Do not scrimp on the marine epoxy, as if you do, the nubbins will
likely fall out of their caps and get swept away by current.  The marine
epoxy can be found in any boat shop - it comes in a cylindrical plastic
tube, has two components of different colors. Make sure to knead the two
colors together throughly, as not doing so makes the epoxy weaker and
more likely to detach itself from the bottle cap, carrying your nubbin
with it.  Good luck!

-Annika Noreen

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