[Coral-List] Marine Epoxy Advice

Laura Hauck hauckl at science.oregonstate.edu
Thu May 13 15:12:21 EDT 2004

Just a quick note of thanks for the large response to my earlier request for
advice on marine epoxy for transplant experiments.  There were too many replies
for me to address each one personally - but I do appreciate all the advice I
received.  FYI, a summary of the prevalent advice:  Z-spar was a popular basic
epoxy, but I was warned it is toxic until it cures.  Cyanoacrylic super glue
gel was also popular, particularly due to its lack of toxicity, but it can
result in nubbin loss under high wave exposure.  Aquastick, by Two Little
Fishes, appears to be the least toxic epoxy that seems to suite field
experiments where wave action is an issue.

Thanks again!

- Laura Hauck 

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