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Szmant, Alina szmanta at uncw.edu
Mon May 24 08:24:13 EDT 2004

Hello All:

I'd like to call your attention to a new, free e-journal being launched by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (those folks that produce ASFA and other life-saving literature search engines).  It is called Sustainability Science.  It is being co-sponsored by National Biological Information Infrastructure of the USGS.  I have copied some general information about the scope of articles appropriate for the journal into this message but you can read all about it yourself by going to the URL provided below.

I think that given the enormous interest in sustainable management of coral reefs, and the many management and conservation efforts being made world-wide, that this journal may be of interest to many of you for your future submissions.  Being an e-journal (and free) it will be a fast avenue for publishing.  It also has an illustrious Advisory and Editorial board, and is peer-reviewed.

Hope you will consider Sustainability Science when considering your new submission.

Alina Szmant

About the e-Journal 

Sustainability Science: Practice & Policy is a peer-reviewed, open access electronic journal that makes full text papers freely and fully available to the public. The purpose of the e-Journal is to provide a high quality venue for debates on issues related to sustainability.

Sustainability Science fills a gap in the literature by providing a forum for presenting empirical science, management and political policies, and field-tested practices with a cross disciplinary approach. The e-Journal focuses on cutting edge debates about the practical viability of sustainable solutions from professionals, including policy makers, resource managers, researchers, and practitioners involved in studying and shaping nature-society interactions and working to affect change.

The e-Journal will include:

Guest Editorials and e-Letter responses to them. 
Articles examining nature-society interactions, geared toward sustainable solutions for practitioners and policymakers. Articles will be accompanied by a "Bottom Line" section, highly readable summaries of key findings, conclusions, and recommendations for the busy reader. 
Reviews of research, trends, and approaches, written by experts who synthesize and critique current seminal work and trends in a specific aspect of sustainability. 
Community Issues, a forum for open discussion of divergent perspectives on practical, political, theoretical, economic, and other aspects of sustainability science and development. 
Authors will integrate science, practices and policy, in the form of research reports, case studies, and policy analysis with a cross disciplinary approach covering topics such as sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, development, energy, fisheries, forestry, tourism, water resources, human dimensions, and ecosystems management.

Readers will find a single resource into cutting edge discussions on sustainability from those experts trying to affect change.

Peer Review: All published papers will be reviewed by at least two independent referees.

Open Access Policy / Permissions: The mission of this e-Journal is to rapidly disseminate information on sustainability science issues in support of a greater global exchange of knowledge. The e-Journal is available free to all to read, download, copy and reproduce for any scientific purposes without asking the author or publisher for permission to do so. The source of the article must however be clearly indicated. Copyright is retained by the author.

We emphasize that authors who use copyrighted material in their articles must make the appropriate arrangements with their copyright owners.


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