[Coral-List] Sponges of the Caribbean

Catherine Desrosiers catcat at TZoNE.ORG
Mon May 24 16:11:44 EDT 2004

I am trainee for 2 months at the Marine Environment Observatory of Martinique 
and working with Sophie Brugneaux. The Observatory would like to improve its 
knowledge about sponges of the Caribbean. 
For this, I am searching complementary information about:
-how pollution (organic, inorganic, sewage) affect sponges
-how natural perturbations (hurricane) affect sponges
-population structuration depending on factors such as nutrients, bathymetry, 
-distribution (Atlantic vs Caribbean coast)
-identification: is any key available for the sponges of the Caribbean?

In fact, I would appreciate any information that could help the observatory 
better understand the role and importance of the sponges in the marine 
ecosystem of Martinique.
Thanks for your help.

Catherine Desrosiers
Marine Environment Observatory of Martinique
7 avenue Condorcet
97200 Fort de France
Martinique (French West Indies)
ommm at wanadoo.fr

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