[Coral-List] New Marina Would Bury Tioman Coral Reef

ReefDispatch a_stone at reefguardian.org
Tue Nov 2 10:39:45 EST 2004

*     November 3, 2004      *
*  R E E F D I S P A T C H  * 
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*      Marina Project       *
*    Would Bury Renowned    *
*    Malaysian Coral Reef   *
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One of Malaysia's most renowned marine dive sites is under threat of
complete obliteration.  You can learn about it and sign on to a protest
petition via ReefGuardian International's just-updated home page, at

Tioman Island's best known coral reef is slated to be dredged virtually
out of existence for the sake of a new  marina and a private airport. 
Yes, it's the same old tired story... but are we to remain silent while
yet one more coral reef falls is lost forever to another construction

If you want to let the powers-that-be know that you oppose such
short-sighted destruction of a natural wonder, you can do so via the
protest petition linked through ReefGuardian International's home page,
at http://www.reefguardian.org.

Thanks for caring,

ReefGuardian International

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