[Coral-List] Diving PAM

james herlan frogman83 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 4 12:00:33 EST 2004

Hello to everyone reading this e-mail,
My name is James Herlan and I am currently a senior at
the University of Miami studying Marine Biology. At
the moment, i work under Dr. Diego Lirman in the
Marine Biology and Fisheries department at RSMAS on
Virginia Key, Fl. After the winter, I want to set up a
coral-algal competition study using Dictyota as the
stressor. In addition to examining growth and
mortality rates of the coral, I want to examine
fluorescence of the zooxanthellae as another indicator
of stress. In order to accomplish this, I need to an
underwater PAM fluorometer called the Diving PAM. I
tried to examine corals with the basic model- the PAM
210, or Teaching PAM, but it simply will not give me
accurate readings, especially since i need to do the
tests underwater in a tank. If there is anyone out
there who has one available for next spring and
wouldn't mind letting me use it, that would surely be
of great importance to the experiment. Also, if anyone
knows where i would be able to rent/borrow one, please
let me know. I have the outline and proposal of the
experiment finished, so if anyone has any questions,
please feel free to inquire. My e-mail is
frogman83 at yahoo.com and my phone number is 732 688
7979. Thank You.
Best Regards,
James Herlan 

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