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Martin Pêcheux martin-pecheux at wanadoo.fr
Wed Nov 10 05:53:27 EST 2004

Dear Ribanataake,

I do not know much about the question, but this is extract from the
chemical inhibitor chapter in my 1997 "Review on coral reef mass bleaching"
(accepted by Atoll Res Bull, 214p. see link below):
Jaap and Wheaton (1975) provoked bleaching of corals within hours and
within months by application of the fish-collecting chemicals quinaldine
and rotenone.
in refs:JAAP, W. C., and WHEATON, J., 1975. Observations on Florida reef
corals treated with fish-collecting chemicals. Fla. Mar. Res. Publ., 10,
1-17.   *Some BL at short (40 min, A. cervicornis, Gorgonia ventalina) and
long-term (3 months) with quinaldine and a rotenone derivative (A. palmata,
Agaricia agaricites, S. sidera, D. stigosa, Dichocoenia stokesi).

About depth of bleaching, it is generally shallow, but sometime at reverse,
downto 100 m depth


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"Ribanataake T. Awira" a *crit :

> Dear All,
> I am working with the Fisheries Division in the Republic of Kiribati and
> as one of the networking group for corals I wish to seek assistance on
> the effect of chlorine on corals.
> Last week we went on our monitoring trip surveying corals on an island
> where a a Live reef fish operation (fishing for live groupers and wrasse
> for the live reef fish trade in Hong Kong) was active.  During our
> monitoring work many corals were seen bleaching from 10 to 30 m on all
> the known sites fished by the company.  The company is a joint venture
> company between a local and the Hong Kong based company and our worry is
> that they might be using chemicals to stunned grouper and wrasse.  A
> Solution sample was collected and tested at USP and the result shows a
> cyanide free results.  The testing was only made on one chemical and
> since cyanide testing is negative, we suspect that they are using other
> chemicals such as chlorine and others.  The solution smells like
> detergent but we need to confirm this from USP.
> My question if the group can assist is as follows;
> 1.  What is the effect of chlorine on corals?
> 2.  Are there any other chemicals that can be used to anaethesize fish
> and what are their effects to corals?
> 3.  At what depth do bleaching caused by a rise in temperature and
> salinity is prominent?
> I appreciate the group contribution on the above matter please.
> Regards
> Rib

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