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Lester Lambert lesterhl5487 at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 21 16:26:10 EST 2004

   Dear Coral-List readers,
   I  recently  completed  a  coral  research  experiment  for the "Intel
   Science   Talent   Search"  in  Washington  D.C.   In  my  pursuit  of
   an Undergraduate   education  at  Cornell  University  :  College   of
   Agriculture   and   Life   Sciences I  am  trying  to enter in as many
   science   fairs,   science   related   scholarships  and  contests  to
   acknowledge  my  research  to the science community and earn money for
   college.   If  anyone  knows  of  any  such contest for me to enter my
   two-years  worth  of research in high school or would like to read it,
   please tell me at [1]lesterhl5487 at hotmail.com.



     The Affects of Experimental Iron Sedimentation on A Zoanthid Coral


                           Lester Hoplin Lambert



   Sedimentation  seriously  harms  coastal  communities.   Soil from the
   Saharan Desert is constantly blown, westward across the Atlantic Ocean
   to  the  Americas.   Many  scientists  have  condemned  the  microbes,
   polysaccharides  and  fungi,  found in Saharan soil, as the causes for
   mass coral diseases found in the Caribbean (Dale Griffin, 2001, Joseph
   Prospero,  2004).   Yet,  the  role  of  the trace element iron, found
   within  the soil, as an antigen and not simply as an eutrophicator has
   yet to be acutely researched.
   In a six-week study, a species of Zoanthid coral known as Parazoanthus
   gracilis  was  exposed  to  constant  deposits  of pulverized iron and
   monitored for its reaction.  During the duration of the experiment all
   coral   polyps   showed   signs   of  stress  and  significant  tissue
   alteration.  By the end of the research, over half of the coral polyps
   were dead.

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