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Deborah Body deborah.Body at zsl.org
Mon Nov 22 07:39:38 EST 2004

I would be grateful if details of the forthcoming 'Coral Reef Conservation'
symposium, to be held in London on the 16 and 17 December, could be
announced to Coral List members. 

ZSL/FCF Symposium: Coral Reef Conservation

16 and 17 December 2004
The Zoological Society of London, Regent's Park, London NW1 4RY

Organised by Drs Isabelle Côté and John Reynolds, University of East Anglia,

Coral reefs are the 'rain forests' of the ocean, containing the highest
diversity of marine organisms and facing the greatest threats from humans.
As shallow-water coastal habitats, they are readily accessible for a wide
range of economically and culturally important activities, ranging from
fishing to tourism.  Indeed, they often provide a very large proportion of
the food and income available to coastal communities who have few
alternatives.  Their accessibility makes reefs vulnerable to threats that
include over-fishing, pollution and physical damage.  Reefs also face
problems from more distant sources, such as global warming which may be
responsible for recent widespread coral mortality and increased frequency of
hurricane damage.

This two-day meeting will bring together people with a diverse set of
interests in coral reef conservation, ranging from ecologists concerned with
extinction of coral reef species to economists concerned with the well-being
of people who depend on reefs.

Admission is by ticket and must be booked in advance.  A programme and
registration form can be downloaded from the ZSL website at
http://www.zsl.org/press/pml_0000001642.html alternatively tel: 020 7449
6227 or email: mailto:deborah.body at zsl.org 

If I can be of further assistance, please contact me.
Kind regards

Deborah Body
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