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Dear Clive and Jeremy, 

ive just trawled through the data recently collected by CCC on the south
shore of Roatan (Bay Islands, Honduras) and the urchin (Echinometra lucuter)
occurs in medium to low abundances across the approximately 10km of fringing
reef surveyed. average abundances of 0.45 on the 0-5 (DAFOR) semi
quantitative abundance scale. Diadema urchins occurred at relatively high
levels in what we called habitat 6 (Shallow upper reef slope and reef crest
dominated by Agaricia and Porites spp. and significant green calcified
algae) average abundance in this habitat was 0.76 on the 0-5 DAFOR scale. 



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To the Coral List
We are writing Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2004 and will include a
chapter on disease, bleaching, and  predators/plagues and invasives. But
there are large gaps. 
We have: 
Fiji - COTS anecdotes, Marshall Islands; Diadema in a few places;
Indo-Pacific mushroom corals found on Jamaican reefs; A solid story from
Hawaii and NWHI; 1 sentence from a US oceans commission report related to
ballast water
Do you have any information on your area - please provide anything from 10
words to 200 on the situation where you are - even saying there are no
problems is useful 
Please send to either or both - C.wilkinson at aims.gov.au or
status2004 at impac.org.au (please don't press return as these seem to end up
in my SPAM bin)

Thanks Clive Wilkinson and Jeremy Goldberg

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