[Coral-List] Seeking help for zoox. chlorophyll analysis

Shini Sunagawa biochemistry at gmx.de
Wed Oct 13 11:18:52 EDT 2004

Subject: Chlorophyll analysis

Hi, everybody!

I am currently working with zooxanthellae and would like to determine the
chlorophyll concentrations. The equation commonly used is refered to Jeffrey
and Humphrey, 1975, I am aware of that, but have trouble obtaining the paper
here in Costa Rica. I am wondering if anyone could send me this paper as a
pdf or any other protocol, describing this methodology. I would be more than
happy for any help. 

Best wishes, 

Shinichi Sunagwa (Dipl. BioCh.)
ZMT - Center of Tropical Marine Ecology
MSc-student in Marine Aquatic Ecology
University of Bremen, Germany

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