[Coral-List] Fw: Need these Articles

Simone Demelas simone.demelas at virgilio.it
Wed Oct 13 16:12:47 EDT 2004

Hy all, 
does anyone has a copy of this 2 articles?
Can some one says me where may I can find these    articles?

NEDELEC H., 1982. Ethologie alimentaire de Paracentrotus lividus dans le baie de Galeria (Corse) et son impacte sur les peuplements phytobentiques. These Doctorat, Univ. P. et M. Curie et Univ. d'Aix-Marseille II, Fr.., :1-175

NEDELEC H., VERLAQUE M., DIPOULIS A., 1981. Preliminary data on Posidonia consumption by Paracentrotus lividus in Corsica (France). Rapp. P.V. Réun. Comm. intl. Expl. sci. Mer medit., Fr., 27(2) : 203-204

Thanks to all
Simone Demelas

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