[Coral-List] 2nd opinion pool on bleaching

Martin Pêcheux martin-pecheux at wanadoo.fr
Fri Oct 29 21:12:31 EDT 2004

Dear all,

This is an opinion poll among reef researchers on our "best guess" of
the future impact of bleaching.
Some of you may remember the same first poll in June 2000 (with
unfortunate badly-translated words with the results). It will be done
each 4 years, next time better before ICRS.

Just REply> by your choice number (commentaries not excluded).

Would you say that Coral Reef Mass Bleaching will be :
0/ a benefit to coral reefs
1/ of no overall effects, or balanced negative and positive influences
2/ worrisome
3/ seriously damaging
4/ catastrophic
5/ almost or total disappearance of reefs

Results in 15 days, with previuos ones.


Martin Pecheux
martin-pecheux at wanadoo.fr

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