[Coral-List] help identifiying an organism

Roi Holzman roi at pob.huji.ac.il
Wed Aug 3 05:01:33 EDT 2005

During a recent night dive in the coral reef of Eilat, Israel, we have 
seen a large "worm" that I have never seen before and have failed, so 
far, to identify. it was quite long (I estimate ~1m), with a diameter of 
~ 5mm. as far as I could tell, the full length of the organism was 
exposed, i.e. it was not a part of something hiding under a rock. I 
would appreciate if you could take a moment to look at the pictures at: 
the coral in the pictures is about 7cm across. the organism was very 
sticky, and when we touched it with a piece of plastic, it was hardly 
possible to separate it. It was observed in a degrading state (probably 
dead) the next night at the same place (it was then collected and 
thanks in advance


Roi Holzman
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