[Coral-List] Postdoctoral Invitation from Terry Hughes

Jonita Kerr jonita.kerr at jcu.edu.au
Mon Aug 8 22:27:01 EDT 2005

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to solicit applications for up to 8 new postdoctoral positions 
at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Coral Reef Studies, a 
multi-institutional centre that will formally begin operations by the end 
of 2005.  The positions are available at James Cook University 
(Townsville), the University of Queensland (Brisbane) and the Australian 
National University (Canberra).  The Centre has secured so far 
approximately $40 million in funding for 2006-2010.  The Centre of 
Excellence will take a leading role in multi-national research programs, 
and at the outset has ongoing collaborative links to 28 institutions in 
nine countries.

A list of approximately 200 recent publications by the Centre Chief 
Investigators is attached.  Requests for pdfs may be sent to 
jonita.kerr at jcu.edu.au.

Positions are for 1-3 years (preferably 3-year), with a salary of 
approximately A$55-70K plus benefits, depending on experience.  Funding is 
available for moving costs from overseas.  To be competitive, younger 
applicants will need to have already published most of their PhD results in 
better journals.

The successful applicants will join Centre staff engaged in the study of 
coral reefs at a global scale.  There is considerable scope for the 
successful candidates to shape a role that suits their particular strengths 
and interests.  The successful appointees will be expected to publish his 
or her work in high-quality journals, and to collaborate with Centre staff 
to apply their skills to research problems in coral reef management and 
conservation.  We are particularly interested in people with advanced 
training in environmental and socio-economic history, social sciences, 
natural resource economics, macroecology, epidemiology, stress physiology 
(particularly climate change), evolutionary biology, phylogenetics, 
bioinformatics, paleobiology and biogeography.  A high level of 
numerical/statistical skills is essential, while previous experience with 
coral reefs is desirable.

The Centre's activities will focus around five programs (see below) that 
transcend the three major Australian nodes of the Centre.  Potential 
candidates should begin a dialogue with the appropriate Program Leader to 
help guide a formal application and to find out more about their potential 
role in one or more programs.  We will shortly advertise these positions in 

Program 1: Evolutionary and environmental change 
(Malcolm.McCulloch at anu.edu.au)

Program 2: Understanding and managing coral reef biodiversity 
(david.bellwood at jcu.edu.au)

Program 3: Marine reserves and reef connectivity (garry.russ at jcu.edu.au)

Program 4: Genetic, molecular and physiological processes ("Ove 
Hoegh-Guldberg" <oveh at uq.edu.au>)

Program 5: Resilience of linked social-ecological systems 
(terry.hughes at jcu.edu.au)

Many thanks for your time and for passing this on to your younger colleagues.

Best wishes,


Jonita Kerr for Prof. Terry Hughes
Centre for Coral Reef Biodiversity
Department of Marine Biology
James Cook University
Townsville, Australia
ph  +61 7 4781 4823
fax +61 7 4725 1570

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