[Coral-List] coral EST data available online

Monica Medina mmedina at ucmerced.edu
Thu Aug 18 01:05:33 EDT 2005

Dear coral biologists,

We are happy to inform you that our first batch of EST sequences for  
the corals Acropora palmata (4017) and Montastraea faveolata (2156)  
is now freely available for download at NCBI.

You can contact me if you want a complete list of accession numbers  
and a copy of our manuscript (citation below) describing the coral  
and zooxanthellae genomic resources we are building.

"Schwarz, J., P. Brokstein, C. Manohar, M.A. Coffroth, A. Szmant and  
M. Medina. (in press) Coral Reef Genomics: Developing tools for  
functional genomics of coral symbiosis. Proceedings of International  
Coral Reef Symposium. Okinawa, Japan."

We hope these sequences will be of valuable use to the coral  
community as a whole.



Mónica Medina
Assistant Professor
School of Natural Sciences
University of California, Merced
mmedina at ucmerced.edu


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