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Just a precision.

Harmful algae bloom of dinoflagellate do not produce palytoxins, but maitotoxin (ciguatera), brevetoxin (Shellfish P, by ex-Gymnodinium as Symbiodinium, somewhat distant), saxitoxin (Paralytic). They block
or open Na+ channels (four-domains six-trans-membrane clsse, in the family with Ca+ and K+ voltage depedant, those of our muscle and brain). Some diatoms and cyano produce other ones. See at:

 www.bigelow.org/hab/toxin.html  and up
and more general  www.whoi.edu/redtide/index.html

Ah, ah, would Symbiodinium uses that during bleaching ? Low chance, a jellyfish is insensitive to tetrodotoxin and saxitoxin (at >10e-5), but....I didn't find somebody for analysis
Increasing Red Tide let one thick also on bleaching.Those one, CO2 lovers ?

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askews a *crit :

> I am sure by now you have found your answer, if not may I suggest that algal blooms of dinoflagellates, produce palytoxins that can and will kill parrot fish.  this could very well have been your answer.
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