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Silvia Pinca milviapin at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 00:47:31 EDT 2005

Dear John and listers
>From the research we have done, we saw exposed helthy reefs with high diversity and very high cover (Lots of Hoeliopora and Pocillopora among others). The reef looked impressive, like frozen in action, but actually baked in the sun! The communities living there have defintely been impacted quite heavily, they lost all tehir homes, all fishing tools and boats, and the rice paddies have been washed out onto the reef with consequent very high sedimentation.
There was NO fish to be found on the still submerged reef, with the exception of a few juvenile surgeonfish. This area we studied was a bit northern than NIAS island, but the uplifted reef was very obvious. Definetly the recovery will be slow and hard,
Thank you

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