[Coral-List] announcement, The Past Present and Future of Atlantic Tropical Environments: A Centennial Celebration of the Carnegie Tortugas Laboratory

Gene Shinn eshinn at usgs.gov
Wed May 11 15:20:58 EDT 2005

The Past Present and Future of Atlantic Tropical Environments: A 
Centennial Celebration of the Carnegie Tortugas Laboratory
(October 13-15, 2005)

o	1905 saw the opening of the Carnegie Research Laboratory on 
Loggerhead Key, Dry Tortugas, some 65 miles west of Key West, 
Florida. It was the seminal beginning of field and laboratory 
research into tropical biology and geology that carries on and guides 
us today. It was the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere and 
laid the foundations for 20th- century research. The stage was set in 
1882, when Alexander Agassiz published a detailed-quantitative map of 
the marine habitats of the Dry Tortugas, the first tropical marine 
habitat map in the world. Later in 1917 The world's first underwater 
photographs of reef fish were taken on Dry Tortugas reefs by Longley.
o	The centennial event will be celebrated by outstanding 
invited speakers and leading researchers at Key West, Florida, 
October 13 and 14, followed by a day-long field trip to the 
Loggerhead Key site and adjacent Fort Jefferson, both part of Dry 
Tortugas National Park. There will be time for snorkeling on the 
coral research area made famous by Alfred Goldsboro Mayor, T.W. 
Vaughan, C.M. Yonge, and J.W. Wells.
Speakers, to be announced in early July, will discuss groundbreaking 
research on corals, reef fishes, parasites, mangroves, coral reef 
geology, and the formation of calcium carbonate. These and others are 
all subjects initiated during the more than 30 years that this famous 
laboratory was in operation. Presentations and group discussions by 
invited researchers during the day will be followed by special public 
presentations in the evening. Presentations and discussions will 
focus on the status of Florida's reefs, selected areas of the Western 
Atlantic, and coral reef history of the area. The event will take 
place at the Doubletree Hotel in Key West. Full details on the 
program, registration, housing, and travel grants for students and 
post-doctorals will be posted early in July.
The organizing committee:
Chairman, Robert N. Ginsburg, University of Miami
Billy Causey, Director, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA
Dan Kimball, Superintendent, Everglades and Dry Tortugas National Park
Garry Davis, Chief Scientist, National Park Service
Walter Jaap, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
Eugene Shinn, U.S. Geological Survey
John Ogden, Florida Institution of Oceanography
Richard Dodge, National Coral Reef Institute, NOVA University


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