[Coral-List] coney grouper settlement

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I worked with Patrick Colin at the Caribbean Marine Research Center in the
Exumas, Bahamas studying various groupers including the Coney in 1990.

We found that the newly settled juvenile Coney groupers often were found in
coral rubble zones and especially among the piles of rubble built by Sand
Tilefish.  These rubble zones were found offshore in the Exuma Sound in
water approximately 25-60 feet in depth.

Patrick Colin would be an excellent resource for you to contact for more
information on Coneys and grouper life history in general.

Unfortunately I have lost touch with Pat but I think that contacting the
Caribbean Marine Research center would lead you in the right direction.

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> Hi coral listers-
> I am looking for any information on preferred habitats of newly settled
> grouper (Cephalopholis fulva).  I haven't found anything in the
> literature, so any information (personal observations, unpublished data or
> etc.) will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance!
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> chris
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