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Tue Oct 4 16:51:46 EDT 2005

I apologize for an unsolicited job-seeking post.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this letter.  I am completing a Master of Science degree with the Environmental Studies Department at San José State University.  My studies reflect an inter-disciplinary approach and include coursework and research in the sciences, quantitative and qualitative methodology, and economics.  My research interests concern marine conservation policy and resource management.  I have a solid and strong foundation of skills that I have acquired through past career positions and projects.  I make a very good candidate for a position requiring excellent communication skills, analytical abilities and outreach.
I am searching for a position with a federal or state agency or in an environmental non-profit that would build my capacity to become a program director.  I believe this will increase my expertise and effectiveness in the field.  I am seeking a position that would give me experience in any combination of these areas:  
·       implementing and evaluating outreach and education in the public and private sectors;
·       consensus building amongst stakeholders;
·       supporting interagency coordination and cooperation;
·       using conflict resolution at each level of planning and implementation;
·       creating policy that integrates scientific and social concerns.
I can contribute skills and experiences gained through research and work.  I can be a valuable team member who has successfully:
·       initiated and designed a thesis study undertaken in a developing region of Panamá;
·       secured the cooperation of government agencies and local NGO’s to gather my data;
·       managed a field school for tropical ecology and facilitated research projects undertaken there;
·       designed curriculum and lesson plans for outreach and in-house education programs;
·       produced a popular summer science camp program in salt marsh ecology. 
In my work as a science educator, one of my critical roles was to help people to appreciate their world while giving them the tools they need to understand environmental challenges.  If you review my résumé, you will see that my skills, interests and experience make me a good fit for an organization working to improve our culture’s relationship with nature.
Thank you for your time.  Please feel free to forward this letter and my résumé at your discretion.
Robert Atanasio

Robert "BJ" Atanasio
146 Henry St
San Francisco, CA 94114

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