[Coral-List] Bleaching along the N coast of PR

scott.stripling scott.stripling at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 13 11:40:19 EDT 2005

Is anyone reporting the extent of bleaching along the N coast of PR? I 
have been
surfing and kite surfing along the reefs of San Juan recently and am 
seeing numerous
white spots, and also hearing similar reports from friends in the Dorado 
area. Haven't
been down with a mask for closer inspection yet.

Scott Stripling

Alan E Strong wrote:

> Caribbean Update:
>    http://www.osdpd.noaa.gov/PSB/EPS/SST/data2/dhwwnc.gif
> Our Degree Heating Weeks product for Oct 4 continues to show an 
> escalation of thermal stress around Puerto Rico and the Virgin 
> Islands.  Two more of our Bleaching Indices sites, PR & USVI, have had 
> their previous record DHWs eclipsed this year [as was the case earlier 
> for Sombrero Key) with Puerto Rico showing accumulations of 7.0 (DHW) 
> and USVI reaching 7.5 this week.  Both of these sites had previous 
> record DHWs in 1999 and 1998, respectively.
> http://www.osdpd.noaa.gov/PSB/EPS/CB_indices/coral_bleaching_indices.html
> regards,
> Al Strong
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