[Coral-List] New AGRRA Data

Robert Ginsburg rginsburg at rsmas.miami.edu
Mon Dec 11 14:07:45 EST 2006

New AGRRA data are available at <http://www.agrra.org>www.agrra.org!

1. The updated AGRRA database with surveys made in 2004 in the Dominican 
Republic, Broward County,
Florida and Dry Tortugas, Florida. The current total of sites in the 
Tropical Western Atlantic and Brazil is 804.

2. Updated summary product files for the AGRRA 1997-2004 database, plus a 
few new summary products.

3. BLAGRRA Full Method, a modified "emergency-response" version of the 
AGRRA stony-coral protocol involving line and belt transects, with full 
description of the protocol, UW datasheet and data entry spreadsheet, plus 
database and summary products for post-bleaching surveys in Barbados, 
Martinique and the British Virgin Islands in January and May, 2006.

4. BLAGGRA  Line-intercept Only, a simplified version proposed for trained 
volunteers to rapidly assess the impacts of bleaching events, outbreaks of 
disease, or other ecological disasters, description of the protocol, UW 
datasheet and data entry spreadsheet.

5. The BLAGGRA Abstract for the October, 2006 ITMENS conference in Cancun.

Robert Ginsburg

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