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Pierre SCOLAN pierre.scolan at wanadoo.fr
Wed Dec 13 10:39:52 EST 2006

Dear Coral-listers,


My name is Pierre SCOLAN. I am a French graduate Master at the University of Brest, IUEM (Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer), specialized in marine biology and ecology. I contact you regarding possible opportunities for graduate work in your laboratory. I am interested in coral reef species, and I would like to apply my knowledge in marine ecology to a PhD Program. 

I am fond of Marine Sciences and I really would like to work on a best understanding of the different interactions between factors in marine environment and organisms, biological processes.

>From January 2006 to May 2006, I worked with Dr. Raymond LAE and Dr. Eric MORIZE at LASAA (Sclerochronology of Aquatic animals Laboratory, IFREMER-IRD center of Brest) on a study aiming to a better understanding the adaptive traits, in term of growth, of the estuarines fishes living with very contrasted conditions of salinity, in the Casamance estuary in Senegal.  This study has been made with the scope of a better ecological comprehension of this zone, directly affected by the climatic upheaval (strong drynesses) and the local anthropic pressures (construction of a dam, fishing...).

>From January 2005 to March 2005, I held an internship at the deep environment laboratory at IFREMER center of Brest (France). Under the supervision of Dr. Joelle GALERON, I worked on a study in connection with the communities of megafauna populations living on abyssal plains of polymetallic nodules (NODINAUT cruise). This study takes part in the objective to establish the bases of a better knowledge of the communities natural state populating this biotope, with the aim of evaluate the impact of a possible exploitation of nodules, which constitute an important potential mineral resource for the future. This study required the installation of a strict methodology aiming to identify and count the species according to the observation of the video recordings performed by the NAUTILE (IFREMER submarine). Data were collected and indexed in a GIS (geographical information system). This work led to the presentation of my results during the international workshop of the cruise in July 2005 (Brest, France).

These experiences enabled me to approach several sets of themes related to marine ecology, through various approaches and methodologies, among various scientific teams whose fields of competences are turned towards different ecosystems.  I am really excited about applying these experiences to a PhD and to ultimately becoming a researcher.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, and the three referees below, for further information. I would be grateful if you could let me know any informations about a PhD opportunity (all around the word).

Sincerely yours,


 Pierre SCOLAN



Dr Joëlle GALERON (LEP, IFREMER center of Brest). 

jgaleron at ifremer.fr            Tel : +33 2 9822 4755 


Dr Eric MORIZE (LASAA, IRD center of Brest).

Eric.Morize at ifremer.fr            Tel : +33 2 9822 4946 


Dr Raymond LAE (LASAA, IRD center of Brest).

Raymond.Lae at ird.fr            Tel : +33 2 9822 4511      


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