[Coral-List] Information on large Xestospongia muta

Mcmurray, Steven Edward sem6678 at uncw.edu
Wed Dec 13 09:08:53 EST 2006

Dear Coral List members,
I am a MS student at UNC Wilmington studying the demography and
bleaching of the Giant Barrel Sponge, Xestospongia muta.  As part of my
thesis, I am measuring growth rates and calculating age estimates of
this species.  I need data for especially large X. muta (greater than 1
m in height or greater than 60 cm in osculum diameter).  If you know the
location of any particularly large specimens of this sponge, please let
me know.  Digital images would be even better, particularly of both the
side and top of the sponge, and preferably with an object of known
length in the shot for calibration.  
Responses can be sent directly to me via email: sem6678 at uncw.edu
Thank you for your time and help.
Steven McMurray
UNCW Center for Marine Science
5600 Marvin K Moss Lane 
Wilmington, NC  28409   USA 
sem6678 at uncw.edu; Office:(910)962-2378

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