[Coral-List] bioinformatics event, NBIC/ISNB 2007, April 16-19, 2007, Amsterdam

Jaap Kaandorp jaapk at science.uva.nl
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The NBIC/ISNB 2007 is a joint event that includes:

The 2nd edition of the Netherlands Bioinformatics Conference (NBIC)
The 4th edition of the International Symposium on Networks in Bioinformatics (ISNB)

April 16-19, 2007
Amsterdam, De Rode Hoed

The Netherlands Bioinformatics Conference is an initiative of the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre
(NBIC). NBIC aims to create a lively bioinformatics community in the Netherlands through the initiation of
programmes that consist of experts from multiple research groups. For example the research programme
BioRange, in which computer scientists and biologists cooperate in projects related to genomics themes,
such as bioinformatics for micro array technology, proteomics and metabolomics. In the first edition in
2006, the NBIC conference focused on this research programme. In 2007 NBIC does not focus on a specialized
theme, but aims to offer an internationally appealing conference programme for the bioinformatics
community at large.

The focus of 4th International Symposium on Networks in Bioinformatics will be on biological networks such
as metabolic, signal transduction pathways and genetic regulatory networks. Understanding of these
networks is crucial for understanding molecular and cellular processes in the organism or system under
study. This field is subject of lively research and both experimental and computational approaches are
used to elucidate the biological networks in for example model organisms such as Drosophila and 
organisms with a relatively simple and basal body plan such as sponges and scleractinian corals.
The bioinformatics of biological networks involves a broad range of research and approaches. Research 
includes the identification of regulatory elements in DNA, developmental biology, genome context 
analysis, modelling and simulation of pathways, reconstruction of pathways from experimental data, 
visualization of pathways, and the representation of pathways in database, graphs and mark-up languages.

For more program, registration details and previous editions of NBIC / ISNB

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