[Coral-List] Divers Defeat Ocean Dumpers

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Divers Defeat Ocean Dumpers

Sewer Plant Responds to Public Pressure

Delray Beach, Florida – December 16, 2006:  More than four decades after a 
pipe began to spew sewage into the ocean and nearly five years after divers saw 
pollution-fed toxic algae beginning to smother the coral reef downstream of 
that pipe, the stuff that goes down the toilets and drains of more than 200,000 
people will now be going underground.

 In a modern day replay of the classic David and Goliath tale, the decision 
to end the ocean dumping was the culmination of a four-year struggle by a group 
of scuba divers who drew attention to the effects of the outfall on the 
nearby coral reef system.  It is a quest that has been dogged by reports from the 
divers nonprofit group, Palm Beach County Reef Rescue, linking the sewage to an 
algae bloom killing the reef system that brings over $200 million in spending 
and jobs to Palm Beach County, Florida each year.

The reports have led environmental groups to threaten a lawsuit if the sewer 
plants ocean dumping permit was renewed and to sell T-shirts inviting tourists 
to "Surf the Sewer" and to visit "Sewage by the Sea," in a parody of Delray 
Beach's Village by the Sea logo. Hundreds of tourists, residents, scientists 
and officials have inundated the Florida Department of Environmental Protection 
with letters and e-mails arguing against a new ocean discharge permit.

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