[Coral-List] Spectral signatures of corals, Zooxanthella and coral tissue wanted...

tamir caras thecoralminingproject at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 28 07:13:54 EST 2006

Hi all 
As part of my research relating to remote sensing I’m
looking for spectral components of corals.  I have
obtained some coral spectral signatures and I would
like to model three main components that makes these
signatures – the chlorophyll (based in the
Zooxanthella) the skeleton and the coral tissue
(without the Zooxanthella..).
My assumption is that the ability to isolate spectral
signature of different coral I’ll be able to identify
them.  So far I found spectral differences between
corals, defiantly in terms of their structure but also
in their chemical components (visable in different
areas of the spectrum).  However one of the common (or
not???) factor is the chlorophyll which I would like
to ‘subtract’.  
So, not to bore everyone else I’m looking for
information and advice on this subject.  More so, I am
hoping someone here has already used Zooxanthella
chlorophyll spectral signatures.  If you have, I’d
love to share that knowledge.  
Hope you (we) all have an excellent (new) year and all
other seasonal religious celebrations.  

Al the best and thanks for listening

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