[Coral-List] Ocean Surface Drifter ArcGIS issue

Frank Mancini mancini44 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 28 18:13:34 EST 2006

I am having trouble displaying ocean surface drifter tracks in the South 
Pacific with ArcGIS 9.1.  My positions are between 140E and 155W (WGS84) and 
8-35 S.  I cannot make a continuous map because I cant seem to get rid of 
the Atlantic centered map view.  Tried changing the central meridian to 180 
and reprojecting the files with a 180 meridian, but no luck.

I was able to create continuous tracks by converting all positive longs to 
negative, but then I get an unusable shapefile becuase of an inconsistent 
extent error.

Has anyone had similar problems?  Any help would be appreciated.

-Frank Mancini
Marine Ecosystem Research Specialist
frank.mancini at noaa.gov

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