[Coral-List] Conservation and Fragmentation Course

D. Wade Lehmann dwlehman at ncsu.edu
Mon Jan 2 14:11:33 EST 2006

I thought various parties on this list might be interested in this...

Marine Aquarists Online Courses is hosting a short course (non-credit) on
Coral Reef Conservation that lasts for 6 weeks starting in late January. 
The course is being taught by ReefBall volunteers and covers a variety of
topics related to real-world conservation issues.  A brief syllabus is
below that I pulled from the website.


Week One: Reef Ball Module (What is a Reef Ball?)
Week Two: Marine Eco-Systems (Replication & Restoration)
Weeks Three & Four: Coral Propagation (Reef Balls Methodology)
Week Five: Coral Attachment Techniques (used in the field)
Week Six: Reef Ball Coral Team

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