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Mon Jan 2 15:27:45 EST 2006

 1. RE: NH4 Levels in Aquaria (Tom Williams)

Marine aquariums that house "reefs" are not nutrient deprived.  Quiet the
opposite in fact, in fact it is actually a delicate balance between the
bacteria that break down the ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.  As such, it
is the bacteria that break down and maintain these levels be it in a wet/dry
system or a wet system such as a under gravel filter system.  It requires
the constant addition of nutrients be it from light sources, or added in
order to feed animals or whatever else maybe housed.  The same can be said
for our oceans in that they are not deprived but have the same bacteria
living everywhere.  Instead of protein skimmers the oceans pound the seas
and deposit the yellow waste we would see along the beaches at high tides.
Now when things happen on land that cause fertilizers to be added as run off
from watersheds you have blooms as would occur in closed aquarium systems.
It is simply that we see things happen faster in closed systems then we do
in the open seas.

M. Kaiser

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