[Coral-List] video clips of coral reefs for use in PowerPoint

Peter J Mumby P.J.Mumby at exeter.ac.uk
Wed Jan 4 11:05:30 EST 2006

Dear Coral-list

I've placed around 550 video clips, designed for use in PowerPoint, on the
web and they're available free of charge for educational and scientific use.
The clips cover reef ecology, diseases, coral bleaching, hurricane impacts,
human impacts on reefs, corals, fish, sponges, mangroves, seagrass beds and
so on. They can be inserted into PowerPoint to illustrate your

Feel free to take a look and download anything that's useful:

Please note, we are getting a lot of traffic at the moment so if the system
seems slow don't give up and try again. Lastly, if you encounter any
problems and then find a solution please let me know and I'll post
additional advice on the site.

All the best for the New Year


Dr Peter J Mumby
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