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Listed below are recent papers from Marine Pollution Bulletin concerned with corals and reefs.  As in past years, this is provided for those who have difficulties in sourcing papers.  This listing covers the past 2 years because I forgot last year.

These titles address corals and reefs specifically.  Omitted here are many concerned with closely related and peripheral issues e.g. water quality, human use, pathogens etc. in reefal areas.  In particular, one collection entitled "Catchment to Reef: Water quality issues in the Great Barrier Reef Region", whose guest editors were Pat Hutchings and David Haynes, is represented in the following by only 5 of its 45 papers.

As noted in earlier listings, papers can be obtained via Elsevier's ScienceDirect.  Abstracts are free to all, while full paper pdf files and the 'Full Text+Links' service depends on your institution's subscription.  For reprints or pdf files please contact the authors, not myself or the editors of the special issues.

Abelson Avigdor, Ronen Olinky and Steve Gaines 2005.  Coral recruitment to the reefs of Eilat, Red Sea: temporal and spatial variation, and possible effects of anthropogenic disturbances  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 576-582 

Abelson Avigdor and Steve Gaines 2005.  A call for a standardized protocol of coral recruitment research and outlines for its conception  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50:1745-1748 

Adam D. Saphier and Tegan C. Hoffmann.  2005.  Forecasting models to quantify three anthropogenic stresses on coral reefs from marine recreation: Anchor damage, diver contact and copper emission from antifouling paint.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 590-598 

Barile P.J. and B.E. Lapointe 2005. Atmospheric nitrogen deposition from a remote source enriches macroalgae in coral reef ecosystems near Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 1262-1272 

Birrell Chico L., Laurence J. McCook and Bette L. Willis 2005.  Effects of algal turfs and sediment on coral settlement  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 408-414 

Brodie Jon, Katharina Fabricius, Glenn De'ath and Ken Okaji 2005.  Are increased nutrient inputs responsible for more outbreaks of crown-of-thorns starfish? An appraisal of the evidence  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 266-278 

Cornish, Andrew S. and Eva M. DiDonato 2004.  Resurvey of a reef flat in American Samoa after 85 years reveals devastation to a soft coral (Alcyonacea) community 
Marine Pollution Bulletin 48: 768-777 

Downs C.A., John E. Fauth, Charles E. Robinson, Richard Curry, Brenda Lanzendorf, John C. Halas, Judith Halas and Cheryl M. Woodley 2005. Cellular diagnostics and coral health: Declining coral health in the Florida Keys.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 558-569 

Downs, Craig A., Cheryl M. Woodley, Robert H. Richmond, Lynda L. Lanning and Richard Owen 2005. Shifting the paradigm of coral-reef 'health' assessment . Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 486-494 

Edge, Sara E., Michael B. Morgan, Daniel F. Gleason and Terry W. Snell 2005.  Development of a coral cDNA array to examine gene expression profiles in Montastraea faveolata exposed to environmental stress.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 507-523 

Fabricius Katharina E.2005.  Effects of terrestrial runoff on the ecology of corals and coral reefs: review and synthesis  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 125-146 

Fabricius Katharina, Glenn De'ath, Laurence McCook, Emre Turak and David McB. Williams 2005. Changes in algal, coral and fish assemblages along water quality gradients on the inshore Great Barrier Reef  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 384-398 

Fichez, R., P.A. Harris, J.M. Fernandez, C. Chevillon and C. Badie 2005.  Sediment records of past anthropogenic environmental changes in a barrier reef lagoon (Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia)  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 599-608 

Flood, Vanese S., Joanna M. Pitt and Struan R. Smith.  2005. Historical and ecological analysis of coral communities in Castle Harbour (Bermuda) after more than a century of environmental perturbation.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 545-557 

Glassom D., N.E. Chadwick Furman and D. Zakai 2005. Methods and interpretation of coral recruitment studies: Effects of anthropogenic disturbance?  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 1019-1023 

Hutchings P., D. Haynes, K. Goudkamp and L. McCook 2005. Catchment to Reef: Water quality issues in the Great Barrier Reef Region*An overview of papers  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 3-8 

Hutchings P., Mireille Peyrot-Clausade and Alicia Osnorno 2005. Influence of land runoff on rates and agents of bioerosion of coral substrates  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 438-447 

Jones, Ross 2005. The ecotoxicological effects of Photosystem II herbicides on corals  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 495-506 

Lapointe, Brian E. 2004. Phosphorus-rich waters at Glovers Reef, Belize?  Marine Pollution Bulletin 48: 193-195 

Leão, Zelinda M.A.N. and Ruy K.P. Kikuchi 2005. A relic coral fauna threatened by global changes and human activities, Eastern Brazil Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 599-611 

Loya, Y., H. Lubinevsky, M. Rosenfeld and E. Kramarsky-Winter 2004.  Nutrient enrichment caused by in situ fish farms at Eilat, Red Sea is detrimental to coral reproduction Marine Pollution Bulletin 49: 344-353 

Loya, Y., M. Rosenfeld and E. Kramarsky-Winter 2005. Nutrient enrichment and coral reproduction: empty vessels make the most sound (response to a critique by B. Rinkevich)  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 114-118 

Marion Guy S., Robert B. Dunbar, David A. Mucciarone, James N. Kremer, J. Stephen Lansing and Alit Arthawiguna 2005. Coral skeletal d15N reveals isotopic traces of an agricultural revolution Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 931-944 

McClanahan, T. R., A. H. Baird , P. A. Marshall and M. A. Toscano 2004.  Comparing bleaching and mortality responses of hard corals between southern Kenya and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia Marine Pollution Bulletin 48: 327-335 

McClanahan, T. R., E. Sala, P. J. Mumby and S. Jones 2004. Phosphorus and nitrogen enrichment do not enhance brown frondose "macroalgae".  Marine Pollution Bulletin 48: 196-199 
McClanahan, T.R., R.S. Steneck, D. Pietri, B. Cokos and S. Jones 2005. Interaction between inorganic nutrients and organic matter in controlling coral reef communities in Glovers Reef Belize  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 566-575 

Morgan, Michael B., Sara E. Edge and Terry W. Snell 2005. Profiling differential gene expression of corals along a transect of waters adjacent to the Bermuda municipal dump.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 524-533 

Morton Brian 2005.   Fishing perturbations and beached corals in the Cape d'Aguilar Marine Reserve, Hong Kong (2000*2002) and a summary of data obtained from January 1996 to March 2003.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 1273-1286 

Mumby, Peter J., William Skirving , Alan E. Strong , John T. Hardy , Ellsworth F. LeDrew , Eric J. Hochberg , Rick P. Stumpf and Laura T. David 2004.  Remote sensing of coral reefs and their physical environment. Marine Pollution Bulletin 48: 219-228.

Nakamura T. and H. Yamasaki 2005. Requirement of water-flow for sustainable growth of Pocilloporid corals during high temperature periods.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 1115-1120 

Negri Andrew, Claudia Vollhardt, Craig Humphrey, Andrew Heyward, Ross Jones, Geoff Eaglesham and Katharina Fabricius 2005. Effects of the herbicide diuron on the early life history stages of coral.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 370-383 

Owen, Richard, Carys Mitchelmore, Cheryl Woodley, Hank Trapido-Rosenthal, Tamara Galloway, Michael Depledge, James Readman, Lucy Buxton, Samia Sarkis, Ross Jones and Anthony Knap 2005. A common sense approach for confronting coral reef decline associated with human activities. Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 481-485 

Phinn S.R., A.G. Dekker, V.E. Brando and C.M. Roelfsema. 2005. Mapping water quality and substrate cover in optically complex coastal and reef waters: an integrated approach.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 459-469 

Precht, William F., Martha L. Robbart and Richard B. Aronson 2004. The potential listing of Acropora species under the US Endangered Species Act . Marine Pollution Bulletin 49: 534-536 
Ramos, A. A., Y. Inoue and S. Ohde 2004.  Metal contents in Porites corals: Anthropogenic input of river run-off into a coral reef from an urbanized area, Okinawa. Marine Pollution Bulletin 48: 281-294 

Rinkevich B. 2005. Nutrient enrichment and coral reproduction: between truth and repose (a critique of Loya et al.).  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 111-113 

Sheppard, Charles 2004. The value of legislated conservation? (Comment on the Shinn and Precht papers) Marine Pollution Bulletin 49:525-526 
Shinn, Eugene A.2004.  The mixed value of environmental regulations: do acroporid corals deserve endangered species status? Marine Pollution Bulletin 49: 531-533 
Smith L.D., M. Devlin, D. Haynes and J.P. Gilmour 2005.  A demographic approach to monitoring the health of coral reefs.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 399-407 

Thomas Séverine and Peter Ridd 2005. Field assessment of innovative sensor for monitoring of sediment accumulation at inshore coral reefs.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 470-480 

Victor Steven and Robert H. Richmond 2005. Effect of copper on fertilization success in the reef coral Acropora surculosa.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 50: 1448-1451 

Villanueva, Ronald D., Helen T. Yap and Marco Nemesio E. Montaño 2005. Survivorship of coral juveniles in a fish farm environment. Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 580-589 

Ward-Paige, Christine A., Michael J. Risk, Owen A. Sherwood and Walter C. Jaap 2005.  Clionid sponge surveys on the Florida Reef Tract suggest land-based nutrient inputs.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 51: 570-579 

Wielgus, Jeffrey., Nanette E. Chadwick-Furman and Zvy Dubinsky 2004.  Coral cover and partial mortality on anthropogenically impacted coral reefs at Eilat, northern Red Sea. Marine Pollution Bulletin 48: 248-253 

Woodman, George H., Simon C. Wilson, Vincent Y.F. Li and Reinhard Renneberg 2004.  A direction-sensitive underwater blast detector and its application for managing blast fishing. Marine Pollution Bulletin 49: 964-973 

Yap, Helen T. 2004.  Differential survival of coral transplants on various substrates under elevated water temperatures. Marine Pollution Bulletin 49: 306-312 

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