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The Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) Announces the following Coral
Reef Meeting.

Course #19 (SEPM)

AND MODERN <http://www.aapg.org/houston/courses19.cfm> 

-  Thursday-Friday,  April 13-14
-  Houston, Texas, 2006


An SEPM 2-Day Research Conference (Short Course) held directly after the
AAPG/SEPM Annual Meeting in Houston.  Registration is through the normal
AAPG meeting process.  You can attend the conference/course without
registering for the meeting.


Registration is Open

Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM): Course 19 

Quaternary Reefs and Platforms: Bridging the Gap between the Ancient and
the Modern

	NOTE: This course has a limited number of sponsorships available
to students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please contact Kim Van
Delft at 1 888 945 2274, ext. 617 (U.S. and Canada only) or 1 918 560

*	Date: Thursday-Friday, April 13-14 
*	Time: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 
*	Organizers: 
	William F. Precht (PBS&J, Miami, FL); 
	Paul M. (Mitch) Harris (Chevron, San Ramon, CA); 
	Richard B. Aronson (Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Dauphin Island, AL) 
*	Fee: $340 (includes course notes and refreshments) 
*	Limit: 50 persons 
*	Content: 16 PDH, 1.6 CEU 

Who should attend?

This two-day short course (designed in the traditional SEPM Research
Conference format) is for participants from academia and industry with
interest to examine the broad implications of studying Quaternary reefs.

Course description:

The first-day session will highlight the advances of studying Quaternary
reefs from the perspective of their geologic record (the Quaternary as a
key to the past), while the second day will highlight the predictive
nature of these systems (the Quaternary as a key to the future). A SEPM
Special Publication will be based on the conference. The general course
format will be:

*	Morning and afternoon oral presentations and a special keynote
luncheon speaker on the first day (Thursday). 
*	Evening reception with food and refreshments centered around
poster displays. 
*	Second day (Friday) will continue with oral and perhaps poster

Planned  presentations  include:

*	P.M. Harris - Introduction of Quaternary Reef Systems: Templates
for Understanding Ancient Reef Systems 
*	I.  G.  Macintyre - Subsurface Investigation of Quaternary Reefs
-- Geological Insights 
*	J.D. Humphrey - Carbonate Geochemistry and Reef Diagenesis:
Lessons Learned from the Quaternary 
*	W.F. Precht - Causality of Drowned and Incipiently Drowned
Holocene Reefs 
*	Andre Droxler - Lowstand siliciclastic deposits as underpinnings
of barrier reef systems 
*	R.B. Aronson - Linking Temporal and Spatial Scales in Reef
Paleoecology and Ecology 
*	D. Hubbard - Backstepping of Holocene Reefs in the Caribbean 
*	J. Kleypas - Controls on Carbonate Productivity and Reef
Carbonate Budgets Through Space and Time 
*	A. Curran - Spectacular Holocene Reefs Exposed in the Enriquillo
Valley, Dominican Republic 
*	E. Grossman - Factors Controlling Holocene Reef Development in
*	C. Neumann - Quaternary (MIS 5e) Carbonate Platforms and Reefs
of the Bahamas 
*	A. Grottoli - Corals as Recorders of Past Climate Change 
*	M. Eakin - Using Coral Paleo Data as a Tool for Predicting the
*	J. Webster - The Affects of Abrupt Climate Change on Reef
Development and Demise 
*	J.E.N. Veron - Changing Environmental Gradients and Coral Reef
Development along the Northwestern Margin of the Pacific 
*	B. Lidz - Controls on Holocene-to-Recent Reef Development in the
Florida Keys 
*	P. Glynn - Global Change and the Future of Coral Reefs 

For additional Information contact:


William F. Precht

bprecht at pbsj.com

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