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Julian Sprung julian at twolittlefishies.com
Mon Jan 9 10:05:06 EST 2006

Dear Megan,

Please see my book Corals: A Quick Reference Guide. On page 28 the top left photo seems like what you described. It is a variation of A. palmata, and is distinct from the typical morphologies of the hybrid "A. prolifera." Of course it is possible that this form could be produced by a cross between A. prolifera and A. palmata, which would technically make it a form of A. prolifera, I think?


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>    Dear coral-list:
>    I  wanted to thank everyone for their responses to the Acropora hybrid
>    I  saw  in  Colombia.    I  have  seen  numerous  pictures of Acropora
>    prolifera  and  did  not appear to this species.  Does anyone have any
>    pictures  of  strange  Acropora  hybrids  they  may  have  seen in the
>    Caribbean?  I asked the research scientists in Colombia to take photos
>    of the colonies when they return to that dive site.
>    Thanks,
>    Megan Berkle
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