[Coral-List] Article request - received

Carla carlazilber at yahoo.com.br
Thu Jan 12 10:58:37 EST 2006

Dear listers,

Thanks to all of you who responded promptly to my email requesting two 
papers on competiton!! It is great to have people always willing to help! 
That's what makes since so much fun!

Best regards to all.


>Carla wrote:
>>Dear listers,
>>Does anyone has these paper in pdf? I haven't been able to get them 
>>through the internet.
>>- "Connell et al 2004. A long-term study of competition and diversity of 
>>corals. Ecological monographs vol:74 iss:2 pg:179 -210 "
>>- "Connolly & Muko 2003. Space preemption, size-dependent competition, 
>>and the coexistence of clonal growth forms Ecology 84 iss:11 pg:2979 -2988 "
>>Thank you very much.

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